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Finding Legal Help

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Finding Legal Help:

Information on finding legal aid programs and attorney referral services.

Legal Information by Phone: Telephone assistance with questions about eviction/housing, domestic violence, immigration, employment or other legal issues.

LA Law Library - Reference assistance and free e-delivery up to 25 pages available remotely by email, chat or telephonically.

Lawyers in the Library at LA Law Library: Volunteer lawyers provide free consultations with people who have legal problems to discuss. To schedule a free telephonic consultation with a lawyer, please click the link below.

Asian Americans Advancing Justice: Toll-free hotlines in Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), Filipino (Tagalog), Korean, and Thai. Topics covered include: landlord/tenant, immigration, domestic violence and more, please see website for further information. 

Bet Tzedek Legal Services: Assistance available by phone or email for conservatorship, employment rights, small business, healthcare, elder abuse, small claims and more. Please see website for further information about topics covered.

Christian Legal Aid: Free telephonic consultations available to speak with an attorney. Areas covered include: family law, small claims, probate and more, please see website for more information about topics covered.

Esperanza Immigrant Rights Project: Information on Immigration Court and Self-Help services for immigrants facing deportation. Please see website for further information.

Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles (LAFLA): Assistance available by phone or email for domestic violence, eviction, government benefits, student loans and more. Please see website for complete list of topics covered.

LA Superior Court: Self-help services from the courts available to litigants seeking assistance with Restraining Order form packets over the phone and referrals for additional self-help. Call (213) 830-0845.

Loyola Center for Conflict Resolution:

Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles County (NLSLA): Telephonic help line available for legal assistance with housing, social security, family law, health advocacy, personal debt, bankruptcy and others. Please see website for complete list of topics.

Public Counsel: Telephonic assistance available for legal issues concerning children and youth, immigration, bankruptcy, veteran benefit claims and discharge upgrades, and more. Please see website for complete list.

Los Angeles County Bar Association (LABCA):


Food Assistance & Food Safety: Public benefits programs that provide meal or food assistance and the proper handling, preparation, and storage of food.

Food and Nutrition Assistance: Public benefit programs that provide meal or food assistance to eligible participants.

Food Safety: Proper handling, preparation, and storage of food to prevent food-borne illnesses.


Going to Court

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Going to Court: How the court process works, closures due to COVID-19, emergency services, alternatives to appearing in person, court fees and fines, options for filing papers and how to extend court deadlines. Includes Civil, Family Law, Small Claims, Appeals and other areas.

Appeals: The process for asking a higher court to overrule or modify a lower court’s decision.

Continuance: Where to find information on how to ask the court for a continuance of your case or a hearing (change a date to a date in the future).

Filing Court Documents: How do I file my court documents while the court clerks offices are closed due to COVID-19.

Fines, Fees and Court Debt: Information relating to fines, fees, or costs assessed by the Courts.

Legal Deadlines & Extensions: Information about changes to deadlines that have been affected by court closures.

Remote Court Appearances: Find out how to request a telephone appearance via LACourtConnect so you don't have to go to court in person.

Services available at LA Superior Court: Find out what types of hearings and matters are still happening at LA Superior Court.

Small Claims: Legal dispute over money or other property, valued less than $10,000 for individuals, and under $5,000 for corporations.


Healthcare & Mental Health Services: Laws relating to medical services and providers.

Advance Healthcare Directives - Legal document that states written wishes for medical care and/or names a specific person to carry out those wishes.

COVID-19 Treatments

Mental Health Servies

Suicide Prevention

Substance Abuse


Housing & Homelessness

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Housing & Homelessness: Programs and services to help those who own or rent property, unhoused persons or those at risk of homelessness

Homeless Assistance: Programs and services to help unhoused persons or those at risk of experiencing homelessness.

Shelters: Service agencies that provide temporary residence, food, healthcare, or other support service for people experiencing homelessness.

Housing & Landlord/Tenant: The rights and obligations of those who own property occupied by others and those who rent or lease property; can be residential or for business.

Tenant Protections: Tenants’ rent payment is temporarily delayed; courts’ temporarily suspension of eviction proceedings due to non-payment of rent.

Real Estate: Rights of those who own homes, land, buildings, natural resources, etc.

Foreclosure: Lender legally imposing sale of mortgaged property to recover real estate loan balance from borrower unable to pay.


Mortgage Payments: Borrower’s regularly scheduled payments of a real property loan’s principal and interest amounts to a lender.



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Immigration: Laws and procedures relating to individuals entering the United States, including detention, court hearings, and citizenship.

Asylum - Protection for people who have suffered or have been threatened based on their race, religion, nationality, political beliefs, or membership in particular social groups.

Citizenship - Status of being or process of becoming a citizen of a specific country.

Custodians of Unaccompanied Minors - Adults who are responsible for unaccompanied minors’ care and safety during immigration proceedings.

Detained Adults - Persons held in immigration detention centers pending their case processing, release, or removal.

Healthcare - Laws relating to medical services and providers.



U-Visa - A type of visa that can protect victims of certain crimes by making it safer to report crime to or help law enforcement.

Undocumented - Immigrants who are non-U.S. citizens, Permanent Residents, do not have current visas, or have not been approved for legal residency in the U.S.


Insurance Claims & Disaster Relief: Filing claims for different types of insurance and financial and other assistance to help rebuild and recover after a disaster.

Disaster Relief: Financial and other assistance to help rebuild and recover after a disaster, including COVID-19.

Insurance Claims: How and where to file claims for unemployment, workers compensation, disability, health and other types of insurance.

COVID-19 Claim Reimbursement



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