Finding a Lawyer: Where You Begin

Class recorded October 29, 2021

Finding legal help you can afford can be difficult. In this class, learn about low-cost and free options for getting help from a lawyer. You will also get information on how to talk to a lawyer, what a lawyer looks for in a client, how to tell your story, and the importance of gathering the facts and documents in your case. Learn how to make your legal journey easier and more successful by making the most out of the legal help you can afford.

Class covers:

  • Low-cost and free options for getting help from a lawyer, and when and how to use each
  • How to talk to a lawyer: identifying your legal problem, telling your story effectively, and what a lawyer looks for in a client
  • The importance of gathering your facts and documents
  • How legal billing works
  • Things clients do that increase costs
  • Deciding what legal work isn't worth the cost

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LA Law Library does not provide legal advice:
LA Law Library does not provide legal advice. LA Law Library provides legal resources and assistance with legal research as an educational service. The information presented in this program is not legal advice and is provided solely as an educational service to our patrons. For legal advice, you should consult an attorney.

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