From abatement to zoning the library offers research materials on all areas of law.

From abatement to zoning the LA Law Library offers research material on all areas of law.

Our collection covers an abundance of legal topics as diverse as acknowledgment, fish and game, laundries, pipelines, telegraphs and telephones, and warehouses and wharfs. Statutes provide the law and cases supply an in-depth view of how courts and administrative agencies have interpreted legal subjects including bankruptcy, contracts, families and children, property, torts, and wills and trusts.
Use an encyclopedia to understand creditor's rights and remedies, a treatise for detailed description about water law, and a practice guide to learn how to create a corporation.

  • Thousands of printed resources
  • Hundreds of legal topics
  • California , other states and territories, Federal
  • Scholarly review of legal theories
  • Helpful commonplace usage
  • Wide range of issues
  • Detailed over-view of subject areas
  • Practical guidelines and procedures for various topics

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