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readingroom2If you are uncertain of how to use the Internet, please read Introduction to the Internet in order to make better use of it. Reference librarians will provide only as much instruction on the rudimentary fundamentals of using the Internet as time permits.

In order to find library policies, guides to legal research, access to the online catalog to see what titles we have, links to the internet and more, please use the navigation in the left menu bar.

The staff and trustees of the LA Law Library are pleased to be able to provide free Internet access to the public. However, it is expected that demand will exceed the Library staff's ability to provide unlimited time to access the Internet and asks the public both to read and to abide by the Rules for the Use of the Law Library Internet Terminals.

The staff and trustees of LA Law Library are committed to their role in serving the legal information needs of all of Los Angeles County's citizens. Providing access to the Internet, as well as access to CD-ROM based materials, can enable the Law Library to extend greatly its information services beyond the traditional collections of printed materials.

The Internet offers unlimited global access to information that is posted on the Internet. Unfortunately, not all sources of information on the Internet provide information that is accurate, complete, responsible, current, legal or philosophically acceptable to all citizens. The LA Law Library disclaims any responsibility for any information not authored by us and advises that any information found on the Internet be verified by print, CD-ROM-based or additional sources.

Lastly, the staff of the LA Law Library will not monitor, control or limit the content of the materials on the Internet. Parents and guardians of children under 18 solely are responsible for their children's use of the Internet within the library.

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