ON DEMAND: Federal Student Loans: Repayment and Cancellation Options

Class recorded September 8, 2023

What kinds of student loans do I have? What rights, responsibilities, and risks come with them? What options might be available for working toward cancellation of my federal student loans, and what actions do I need to take NOW to take advantage of them?

It is important to understand how student loans work so you can avoid problems in the future and work toward repayment or cancellation.  This class will provide information on how to identify what kind of student loans you have and how to assess your repayment and cancellation options.  It will also provide an overview of several time-limited initiatives the federal government has announced for federal student loan borrowers including cancellation, Fresh Start, the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) waiver, and the Income-Driven Repayment (IDR) account adjustment. 

Class covers:

  • Federal vs. private student loans
  • Types of federal student loans
  • The repayment process and federal student loan repayment plans
  • Consequences of not paying back student loans
  • New rights for federal student loan borrowers and actions to take NOW to benefit from them
  • How to identify student loan scams
  • Legal assistance services
  • And much more!

Presented by:

Cara McGraw, Attorney, Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles (LAFLA) (https://lafla.org/)



LA Law Library does not provide legal advice:

LA Law Library does not provide legal advice.  LA Law Library provides legal resources and assistance with legal research as an educational service.  The information presented in this program is not legal advice and is provided solely as an educational service to our patrons.  For legal advice, you should consult an attorney.

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