The self-help collection is designed for people doing their own legal research without the assistance of an attorney. It is an excellent starting point for people involved in lawsuits who don’t have attorneys (also called self-represented litigants) as well as people who are facing common legal problems and seeking answers to everyday legal questions.

Many of the books in the self-help collection are published by Nolo Press, a publisher of books for non-attorneys. The majority of the Library’s Nolo books are also available electronically at the LA Law Library through the Legal Information Reference Center database. The self-help collection is an excellent starting point for landlords and tenants, homeowners, small business owners, employees, pet owners, and those doing their own divorce, among others. The self-help collection also has books for those who are suing or being sued in small claims, California state courts or the federal courts. The self-help collection also includes a wide variety of pamphlets, referral sheets and publications provided by the California and Federal Courts, legal aid providers and social services agencies.

Some questions are “frequently asked” at the LA Law Library’s Reference Desk. The “Frequently Asked Questions” section of self-help directs you to library resources and free websites that may help you find an answer to those questions. Click here. (LINK to frequently asked questions in self-help).

The LA Law Library provides legal resources and information and assistance with legal research. LA Law Library does not provide legal advice. For legal advice, consult an attorney. If you think you need legal help, the “Get Legal Help” section gives you easy ways to start looking for an attorney. If you don’t think you can afford an attorney, the “Get Legal Help” section also has information about finding free or low-cost legal aid services. Also, every superior court in California has legal help available in family law and in small claims cases. Some superior courts can also help you with other legal issues.For more information on court-based services in Los Angeles County, including hours and locations, click here.

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