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Library Materials

LA Law Library has over 35 miles of shelves, containing close to a million volumes.

LA Law Library's print materials cover every legal topic.

LA Law Library has over 35 miles of shelves, containing hundreds of thousands of volumes. Our collection consists of primary and secondary materials for Federal Law and all 50 states, with an emphasis on California resources. We also offer on-site access to dozens of legal databases. Search the catalog to find titles!

People researching cases can use the print materials at LA Law Library to research: how to file a lawsuit, liability for injuries and how to follow court procedures, among others.

Extensive Collection
  • Over 700,000 volumes in print
  • Self-help materials for those representing themselves
Comprehensive Coverage
  • Materials covering most issues relating to Federal or California law
  • Current and historical materials for Federal, States and U.S. Territories primary materials
  • California and Federal Government Documents
Practice Materials
  • Litigation and procedural guides give instruction and examples
  • Topic-specific publications provide references to statutory law and case law

Search the library catalog to find relevant titles!

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