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LA Law Library has an extensive collection of legal materials from around the world and a dedicated librarian to assist with research in foreign, comparative, and international law.

The LA Law Library has a long tradition of providing world-class services in foreign and international legal research. Today, these materials, in print and electronic formats, total over 300,000 volumes, comprising more than one-third of LA Law Library's collection of 1 million volumes. The library specializes in providing up-to-date primary and secondary materials to all types of researcher s, including practitioners and academics.

People researching cases can use the print materials at LA Law Library to research: how to file a lawsuit, liability for injuries and how to follow court procedures, among others.

Extensive Collection
  • Over 300,000 volumes in print
  • Primary sources of law for every jurisdiction throughout the world
  • Secondary sources and practice materials for most jurisdictions worldwide
Dedicated Global Law Librarian
  • Provides research and reference assistance
  • Available in person, or by phone or email to assist with FCIL research
  • Creates resource lists on a variety of FCIL topics
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