MCLE Videos: Cram Day

Saturday, January 20, 2018
9:30 am - 4:00 pm

Elimination of Bias * Legal Ethics * Competence Issues

Do you need last minute participatory MCLE credits? California attorneys whose last names begin with the letters H-M are required to report their MCLE credits to the State Bar by February 1, 2018. If you need participatory MCLE credits before the deadline, join us for current video presentations covering all three required subject areas: elimination of bias, legal ethics and competence issues (formerly “substance abuse”).

Earn 4.0 hours Legal Ethics, 1.0 hour Elimination of Bias, and 1.0 hour Competence Issues participatory MCLE credit.

Registration fees: All for only $95 and includes: morning coffee, light snack and lunch

Topic includes:

Elimination of Bias

Throughout the United States' history different groups have been marginalized and misunderstood, from the Irish to the Japanese to the Hmong. Looking at current often perceived “out groups,” this program will explore how each of us can bridge current societal gaps

Earn 1.0 hour Elimination of Bias MCLE credit.

Legal Ethics Update 2017

Staying on top of developments in the law governing lawyers is an essential part of law practice. This annual three-hour program surveys the significant statutes, case law and ethics opinions in the past year, analyzes their impact on the practice of law, and provides practical solutions for avoiding malpractice and ethical pitfalls.

Earn 3.0 hour Legal Ethics MCLE credit.

Fee-Sharing Fundamentals, Strategies, Trends

Sharing legal fees with lawyers in other firms and referral fee arrangements have many advantages as well as legal and ethical consequences. This one-hour program will cover the requirements for enforceable fee-sharing and referral agreements and the consequences of noncomplying agreements.

Earn 1.0 hour Legal Ethics MCLE credit.

Competence Issues 2017 (formerly “Substance Abuse”)

Attorneys as a group are more prone to substance abuse and addiction than individuals in any other profession, yet are less inclined to seek treatment. A practicing attorney and a registered nurse at a clinical addiction hospital will offer their personal and professional perspectives on these issues.

Earn 1.0 hour Competence Issues MCLE credit.

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