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Useful Legal Resources in Preparation for Emergencies

In light of recent fires and natural disasters, LA Law Library has developed a list of legal resources and information about preparing for, and recovering form, disasters. These resources are designed to foster peace of mind by assisting with preparedness and assist families in caring for loved ones, protecting property and rebuilding after a significant event. The information contained in this resource guide includes legal forms such as powers of attorney, resources for those charged with caring for another, disaster services hotlines, FEMA appeal letters and much more.

This list focuses on legal materials that are accessible off-site (via the internet) and free legal support services. Of course, there are also many, many more resources within the Law Library’s collection onsite, so feel free to visit in person or inquire by email for assistance with legal research and access to legal resources on this or any other subject.

Please click here to download the list.

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